Pure Salt


Discover the pure beauty of the vast Fiordland National Park by joining us on a multiday voyage through some of the most remote and untouched wilderness areas of New Zealand.  

As we explore ever-new aspects of this World Heritage area the choice of how to embrace it is yours. The variety of experiences range from kayaking and shore excursions, over hunting, fishing and seafood collecting to SCUBA and free diving as well as photography and bird watching. Our guides can help you better understand the unique ecosystems, wildlife and local history. And of course you can simply relax and enjoy living with the natural rhythm of sun and tides.. it’s up to YOU.

Every trip with us is as unique as the people on board. We don’t do schedules. We simply inspire and realize what you imagine to be the perfect experience.

You can classically charter the boat and choose your own dates as well as company or book a spot on one of our ‘scheduled’ trips for an adventure organized by us.