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Rainy day activities for the whanau

Te Anau has something for everyone, whatever the weather. So, while it's raining outside, remember that every cloud has a silver lining. From taking a soak in the Spa Bath at Getaway on the Lake front to unleashing your inner child on the Indoor Climbing Wall, there are options for people of all ages and budgets. Relax and keep dry while exploring Te Anau’s indoor activities.

Date 29 Sep 2021

Fiordland Indoor Climbing Wall

Experience the mystical Fiordland National Park without having to go outside. Discover why Fiordland is known for its incredible nature and unique wildlife with a visit to the Fiordland National Park Visitor Centre, which houses a remarkable collection of natural and human history and where you can also learn about the incredible work that DOC does to look after Fiordland's special birds like the endangered takahē and kākāpō safe. Why not grab a bowl of chips (and a wine for the adults) before settling into the luxurious big chairs at the Fiordland Cinema to see the latest block buster or the daily screening of Ata Whenua an exhilarating and utterly spectacular film about the Fiordland wilderness that you would otherwise never see.

You won't want to miss out on the opportunity to see the Vintage Machinery Museum while you're in Te Anau. Home to over 60 functioning tractors, a range of early road graders and motorcycles, a vast collection of early machinery, a fully operational blacksmith shop and exhibitions of Te Anau's early history such as the first telephone exchange, this is a great museum to let the kids roam around in.

The cooler Te Anau days are ideal for warming up the belly and sampling (or indulging) in some of the region's famed comfort food choices. Try local specialities like cheese rolls and a Flat White at the Sandfly Café or a Fiordland venison burger at The Ranch Bar & Grill, all served with a hint of southern hospitality.

Bao Now is a hit with the kiddos

Te Anau offers a number of family-friendly eating choices. Whether you want a quick snack from the gourmet food truck ‘Bao Now,' want to eat in and relax at the Fat Duck or take the kids to Redcliff Cafe where parents can enjoy fine dining while the young ones entertain themselves in the garden bar playing giant Jenga or Petanque with plenty of room to run around, Te Anau has something for every family. 

If you're looking for some competitive fun, the Fiordland Climbing Wall, has over 300 square metres of climbing terrain that caters to climbers of all levels and ages, is the ideal indoor family activity for burning off some energy with some light-hearted family competition. After the kids have demonstrated their Spiderman abilities, it may be time to restore the ego, so head to Fiordland Escapes for some family team building. The two escape rooms are both exciting and educational. Discover where Fiordland’s last moose is hiding or step back in time to be a part of building one of New Zealand’s greatest engineering marvels, the Homer Tunnel. Fiordland Escapes is a fantastic inclusive activity loved by all ages, young and old alike.

Te Anau Glowworm Caves - Credit Real Journeys

Te Anau has lots of activities for keeping the youngsters occupied on a wet day while still enjoying the water. Take a journey into the mysterious underground realm of the Te Anau Glowworm Caves, where hidden network of limestone passageways studded with carved rock, whirlpools, and roaring underground waterfalls make way for you to float in silence beneath the bright shimmer of glowworms. A fantastic alternative is to experience the Faith in Fiordland. Jump aboard this historic sailboat and cruise across Lake Te Anau and be in awe of the epic Murchison Mountain scenery.

Cruising on Lake Te Anau - Credit Jen Parkes

If viewing the Fiordland National Park on board the Faith wasn’t enough for you, grab your coat and an umbrella and head along the Kepler Track. It’s much more sheltered once you’re in the bush and the colours come alive when the forest has had some rain.

Why not pay a visit over the school holidays and take advantage of some of the ‘Kids Go Free’ promotions? Many tourism operators in Fiordland offer deals during the school holidays, making it the perfect time to take the family on an affordable holiday. Delight the youngsters with a trip to Te Anau and give them the unforgettable experience of seeing some of the world's most stunning landscapes.

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