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George Sound Track Transport- Fiordland Outdoors

This is the hiking adventure for anyone looking for a challenging yet spectacular walk through the heart of Fiordland National Park. Our complete transport packages to and from the George Sound Track makes planning a breeze.

About George Sound Track Transport- Fiordland Outdoors

The George Sound track, getting you there and back again with ease. 

The George Sound Track is officially a route, not a track starting with a water taxi across Lake Te Anau and Lake Hankinson to then access the wild and remote George Sound. 

Backcountry experience is essential on this track. You need to be well equipped with topo maps, and a Personal Locator Beacon or mountain radio is also essential. An inReach device or satellite phone is even better. But this track is certainly an adventure! We recommend talking to the local Fiordland DOC Visitor Centre before departing, so you have the most up to date information.


Transport packages include a return boat journey across Lake Te Anau and a return boat journey up Lake Hankinson. You can also fly to George Sound by helicopter and hike back to Hankinson Hut to meet your transport transfer back to Te Anau Downs. 

Our charter service for drop-offs and pick-ups to Hankinson Hut all carry a standard charter rate for up to five people. For more than five people, a per person rate applies. Allow at least 2.5 hours travel time.



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