Doubtful Sound


Visitors feel humbled yet uplifted by the atmosphere of powerful solitude in the presence of the superb physical grandeur of Doubtful Sound.

Sometimes called 'the Sound of Silence', there is a cloistered serenity within Doubtful Sound that contrasts with Milford Sound. The fiord is rich in flora and fauna, New Zealand Fur Seals and Fiordland Crested Penguins can be seen on many of the small islets at the entrance of the fiord.

At 421 metres deep, Doubtful is the deepest of the fiords and is long and winding with three distinct 'arms' and several outstanding waterfalls in the area from Deep Cove to the open ocean, a distance of around 40.4 kilometres.

Manapouri is the departure point for Doubtful Sound excursions.

There are many ways to experience Doubtful Sound - by kayak, scenic flight, take a day cruise or experience the sound of silence on an overnight cruise or kayak experience. Budget accommodation is available at Deep Cove Hostel.