Conservation in Fiordland


Department of Conservation (DOC) is the government department entrusted with the conservation of New Zealand's national parks, including Fiordland.

With such a huge area to manage it is not something that one organisation can do without the support of local community and businesses. 

Fiordland Tourism operators understand the importance of protecting the unique environment they operate in by supporting the Department of Conservation in a number of projects.

Fiordland Conservation Trust

A community-driven initiative supporting a wide range of conservation projects in Fiordland and Southland. It has been established to provide independent funding and resources to further protect the natural treasures (taonga) of southern New Zealand. Fiordland Conservation Trust works with - Kids Restore NZ, Pomona Island Charitable Trust project, Southern Discoveries, Chalky Digits clothing company, Ecotours, Fiordland Cinema, Fiordland Ecology Holidays and Peregrine Wines, to name just a few. For more information see The Fiordland Conservation Trust's website.

Kids Restore the Kepler

Part of the Air New Zealand Environment Trust, has formed a significant partnership with the Fiordland Conservation Trust.

‘Kids Restore the Kepler’ is a major conservation project which has two main objectives:

  1. Eradicate pests and ensure the return of endemic species to the Kepler area Fiordland College 'Kids Restore The Kepler'
  2. Help young people develop leadership through involvement with environmental issues. For more information see the Kids Restore the Kelper website.

Real Journeys Fiordland threatened species sponsorship

  • Blue Duck/Whio
    $10 of the ticket price Milford Track walkers pay to book a scenic cruise at Milford Sound/Piopiotahi is donated to the management of this unique and endangered bird.
  • Bat/pekapeka
    Trampers booking the Kepler Track and a Te Anau Glow-worm Caves trip have $10 of their ticket price donated to bat/pekapeka recovery work in Fiordland.
  • Real Journeys staff at Milford have also taken the initiative to maintain stoat traps in areas of the fiord where penguins are known to nest. For more information click here.

Sinbad Sanctuary Project

The Sinbad Sanctuary Project is a partnership between DOC, the Fiordland Conservation Trust and Southern Discoveries.

Situated in Sinbad Gully, to the left of the famous Mitre Peak, the valley is home to a number of very rare lizard species as well as weka, whio, kea, kaka, large weta and other invertebrates.
For more info you can view the website here.

Milford Community stoat trapping project

Stoat trapping to protect blue duck/whio began on the Milford Track in the Clinton Valley in 2000. Following encouraging results, similar trapping was set up along the Cleddau, Tutoko, and Gulliver Rivers and around Milford Sound/Piopiotahi township during 2002.

Volunteers who have helped check stoat traps include staff from Trips & Tramps, Real Journeys, Milford Sound Lodge and Airways Corporation.  

VolunTours with Wairaurahiri Jet

The adventure would be an eco tourist dream... A two day hike either along the South Coast track or up over the Hump Ridge checking, re setting and re baiting (when needed) the stoat, rat traps.  Accommodation and Breakfast (porridge) at the Hump Track Lodges at Port Craig or Okaka on the first night Second evening at the Waitutu Lodge. Then the best bit a jet boat ride up the Wild Wairaurahiri River across Lake Hauroko then back to their vehicle at Track start.

You'll need to take your own food and sleeping bag along with your personal gear, cooking equipment supplied at lodges.(bedding can be hired). More info from their website.


For further information on conservation efforts in Fiordland see the Department of Conservation website.