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Milford Track from Lake Te Anau - Fiordland Outdoors

Experience day one of the Milford Track—New Zealand's most famous hiking track—independently and at your own pace.

About Milford Track from Lake Te Anau - Fiordland Outdoors

'The Track along the bank of the Clinton is undoubtedly entitled to rank as one of the most romantic walks in New Zealand or for that matter the wide world' William McHutcheson 1892

The walk begins at Glade Wharf, a 50-minute boat journey from Te Anau Downs. Enjoy a cruise over Lake Te Anau before jumping back on shore, ready to explore the Milford Track.

Once you've arrived at the Glade Wharf Terminal, the track is through thick native beech forest. It won't be long until you see your first sign of civilisation and the first swing bridge. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for snippets of the Fiordland mountains peeking through and listen for the birds; you might spot a few along the way. This section of the track offers a taste of one of the world's most famous walks and is ideal for those looking to experience part of New Zealand's Great Walks.



Physical address

Corner of Oraka St & Milford Rd
Te Anau