Easyhike Hiking Services v2

Car Relocation, Transport, Hiking Food & Gear Hire.

About Easyhike

Get to the track and back with ease. Hike the Kepler, Milford and Routeburn Tracks independently & hassle-free!

Easyhike can help you with huts, car relocation, track transport, food and hire gear.

We will make your Great Walk easier. 

There's a lot of planning needed to get you to the track and back. Finding the best options for you or your group takes time and effort. We get that. In fact, that's where we specialise. 

We're with you throughout your planning and to help you get there. Our team is dedicated to making sure you get to the track and back with efficiency and ease.


  • Inclusive Hiking Packages
    Track accommodation, transport, premium hiking gear, hiking food, local support & trusted advice.

  • Car Relocation
    Simple, safe, and efficient. You drive your car to the start of the track and take your time on your walk. We relocate your car to the end of the track, ready for when you finish.

  • Track Transport
    Water Taxis & Buses.

  • Hiking Food
    Our personalised food packages are tasty, lightweight, and nutritious. 

  • Gear Hire
    The key to a safe and unforgettable Great Walk is having a lighter pack and the right gear. Our gear is lightweight, warm and practical.

We’ve been helping to make hiking Fiordland’s Great Walks easy since 2012.


Postal address

PO Box 106